The Story Behind it All?


TOY2R (Holdings) Company Limited

2010 marks the 15th Anniversary of Toy2R – Join the history making Celebration!

Created out of an obsession for art toys and collectables, Hong Kong based company Toy2R continues to break down the boundaries between product design, art and graphics.

Mastermind Raymond Choy founded the company in 1995 when he took his dream of a once owned toy store known as ‘Toy R’ (Short for Toy Raymond), which held countless quantities of limited edition toy collectables, and turned it into an internationally recognized company. Toy2R was amongst the first to explore the potential of the designer toy, ultimately, instilling contemporary art into the vinyl toy market we all know and love today.

Our logo was taken from our most loved and cherished mascot ‘The Toyer.’ In 2001 Raymond released the skull-headed figure alongside what was to become the most ubiquitous toy canvas in the world, the Qee keychain figure.  To date, Toy2R has created and produced more than 1700 unique Qee designs. Toy2R’s creative ideas not only broaden the scope between drawing and art, but also introducing “art” into the process of product design.

Toy2R is a multi-faceted designer toy company. We take great pride in our determination at Toy2R to not only innovate but also inspire artists, designers and the world’s generation of youth alike. Our main objective is to provide limited/collectible designer/art toys at an affordable price, based on the creative and original designs for the current international market.

The promotional aspect of D.I.Y Qee emphasizes that “everyone can design, everyone is a creator.” With Raymond’s vast ties to artists and designers from across the globe, the D.I.Y. genre has grown to inspire large corporations develop compelling programs and promotional products as well as helping grow the overall designer art toy movement.

Toy2R has received numerous internationally renowned awards for our outstanding achievements, winning the ‘Best Block Toy Award’; five consecutive years running, the ‘Most innovative Company Awards’, 2007 Toy Awards: Vinyl Toy of the Year and Best of Award 2007 from designer art toy websites. Last year, Toy2R received the Grand Award Winner for 2008 Innovation & Creativity by the Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI). This year Raymond was honored with winning The 2009 Ten Outstanding Designer Awards of Hong Kong Art and Design Festival (HKADF).  Presented in recognition of the outstanding achievements of Toy2R in its continual growth towards higher value-added activities.

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