Get Bossy this season, with David Horvath

David Horvath new releases - just in time for the holidays!

Sure, the cold weather is moving in and the season is somewhat full of cheer, but that isn’t going to stop David Horvath and Toy2R! Especially with such a demanding release like Bossy Bear’s newest friend, Bissy Bear. You thought ole Bossy was demanding, step back. Bissy puts the world into perspective and from her view – its all hers! Dropping in time to fill those stockings, Bissy Bear will be the next character for your complete Bossy Bear Collection.  Grab it in our store right here!

And not to be outdone by Bissy, Bossy is all “grown-up” in this very limited release – the 36 Inch Bossy Bear Qee as part of our 36″ Artist Series. This giant Bossy Bear is for the hard core collector as it will cap off any David Hovath collection.

Limited to only 36 pcs around the globe, the over-sized Qee is made out of Fiberglass and is durable as it is adorable. Made by special order only, this is the Bossy Bear that will rule everyone. Wouldn’t this be great to find under (ahem), we mean next to your tree this holiday season?  Order this beastie right here

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