Ahoy Captain! Jon-Paul Kaiser's new figure hits shores - Beware!

Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5" Captain Sturnbrau Figure

Jon-Paul has created a unique collection of Toy2R figures using the mythos of the Whispering Corsair to amass his crew. First fans were introduced to the Olaf the Mute (in 8″ Qee Bear form), then the First Mate Nathaniel Vigo surfaced (in 5″ Mini Qee form), now to be followed by their stern leader, Captain Sturnbrau!

While there are even more JPK projects being produced (The Forgotten and The Scribe Mini Qees), the Whispering Corsair collection is a wonderful tribute to the high seas and the mysterious that lie beneath the surface. Expect more surprises surrounding the Captain as the new year’s tide comes rolling in…

Also available, the limited edition ‘Pieces of Eight’ variant – what a rare treasure…


Pirate Captain, aka Captain Stūrnbrau.
Scourge of the Captain of the dreaded floating hulk; The Whispering Corsair. For time immemorable, land-lubbers and sailors alike dare not speak the ship’s true name which slipped past memory and into legend.
For centuries the Captain had plied the oceans voyaging into new and undiscovered lands. They disappear for years at a time, only for stories to reach civilisation of raids on settlements and pitiless attacks on ships.
No-one knows what dark sorcery keeps Captain Stūrnbrau and his unholy crew alive, only that they strive to fathom the answers to questions they have long forgotten…

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