Melt the world with you and Mini Qees!

Melting Your Heart with the new 5 Inch Mini Qee Melting Series

In an attempt to find new ways to evolve the classic Bear and Toyer Qees, Toy2R is pleased to offer this new series designed to be ready for display and fun. Introducing the new 5 Inch Mini Qee Melting Series – with a collection of Bears and Toyers in all new color releases: Glossy White, Hong Kong Black, Red and Hot Pink!

Still available for customizing, these new releases are perfect right out of the box for display as they are. Bringing some new color and feel to a room or desk, these new critters are very appealing.

Not to be outdone, Toy2R also created a series of Spiked Mini Qees to compliment these new Melting versions, so you can have the best of both worlds – hard or soft!

Melt your cares away with these new Melting Mini Qees!

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