Limitless possibilities...the choice is's Qee!!

Toy2R's 7 Inch Transparent Qee Bear

Everybody’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic. – Andy Warhol

Toy2R proudly introduces the new 7″ Clear Qee Bear. Re-engineered with new arm articulation, the Qee can rotate its arms in a full 360 degree circle and point out at a full 90 degrees from its body, giving the figure a bigger… range of motion. Customizers will enjoy the freedom of movement as well as the ability to remove the head, arms and legs for easy access to paint or fill the inside of the Qee – bringing a whole new level to custom platform figures.

Available in May, this Transparent Edition will have a SRP of $59.99 and like the early days of the Designer Vinyl genre – only about 100 pieces will be available – so act quickly before there literally disappear!

Limitless possibilities…the choice is clear…it’s Qee!!

Clear Qee

7" Clear Qee


  1. May 05, 2011 | Frank Jansen

    This looks like a fantastic edition! I am hooked and will have to get one of these beauties, as it will photograph amazingly next to my Love Green Qee Bear!



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