Deady Bunee Mini Qees

Voltaire Unleashes the Bunnypocolypse With Deady Bunee 5" Mini Qees

Voltaire’s Deady Bunee Mini Qees from Toy2R

Easter 2012 is already in our rear view mirror but the Bunnypocolypse has just arrived in its wake! Even Deady, that evil teddy bear of Voltaire’s, will have to disguise himself as a bunee to prepare for the impending assault.
Deady’s comic book nemesis, Sleezter Bunny is also coming and he’s bringing evil legions of Death Bunnies with him to take over the world.

Prepare yourself for the next onslaught of Deady Mania to sweep the globe as April marks the release for, not one, but two Voltaire 5 inch Mini Qee Bunees! With the Deady ‘Big in Japan’ and Urkor Mini Qees now sold out, no one should miss this chance to pick up the next figures in the ever evolving world of Deady.  Check here to preorder yours before they’re gone!

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