Get Your Black Friday Savings Now!

Toy2R's "Protest Black Friday" Sale - Oh, It's On!

Black Friday? Not for Toy2R – It’s On Now! Its A Qeevolution!

Black Friday will be occupied with other shoppers, protesters, minivans, and hype anyway!  Besides, we want to celebrate now!  And we have some reasons to celebrate!  After a large Toy2R shipment was deflected by US Customs, we were feeling a little gloomy.  SO many hot, new figures were denied to us and you!  Well, that shipment is nearing our shores and this time, it has a VIP pass!

We’ll be adding much more to the store in the coming week but in the meantime, take 25% off ALL items instock the store!  Just use the coupon code OCCUPYQEE at checkout to receive your 25% discount!

Plus, for every order over $50.00, shoppers will receive a free 2.5″ Qee! Use it as an ornament, show your support for Qee with it, or stuff it in someone’s stocking – just one more way Toy2R says thank you and power to the people!

No need to camp out or stand in the cold, Toy2R has what you need now! Join the Qevolution today!

The sale has already begun but will end December 1st!

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