Jon-Paul Kaiser's The Forgotten 5 Inch Mini Qee Bunee

Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5 inch Mini Qee Bunee - The Forgotten

Looked upon as one of the new Masters of the designer art toy realm, Jon-Paul Kaiser has made a name for himself by creating customs of classic and iconic characters from film and history but it is his original designs that really show off his talents. The Forgotten, his 5″ Mini Qee Bunee design, is an amazing piece. One that radiates soul and personality.

Based on the idea that sometimes we tend to forget our most prized possessions, The Forgotten is one of those adorable characters from our childhood that somehow got left in the corner of a closet, hidden on a top shelf…far out of reach and out of sight and once we moved on, it was forgotten. A piece of us that we long for an wish we could regain.

Toy2R is proud to offer this amazing production piece to the legion of JPK fans. Don’t miss out on one of the most original creations from the master of Black and White. Available is a full color window box fully designed by the artist to keep your Bunee Qee in mint condition.

There we lie

Lost, Forgotten and Unseen.

Behind Drawers, under beds and

atop long unexplored shelves.

In the dark recesses of the attic

swathed in dust and age

we wait.

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